AbiWord Papers, Publication and Conferences talks

Here you'll find various papers, publications and conferrence talks done by AbiWord team members.

AbiWord GUADEC 5 Presentation - 28 June 2004
Martin Sevior has given a talk at GUADEC 5, in Kristiansand, Norway, on Monday June 28th 2004. (more...)
AbiWord talk at Libr'east 2004 - 24 April 2004
Hubert Figuière has given a talk in French at Libr'east 2004 conference near Paris on Saturday April 24th 2004. (more...)
AbiWord GUADEC 4 Paper - 16 June 2003
Dom Lachowicz and Martin Sevior have given a talk at GUADEC 4, in Dublin, Ireland, on Monday June 16th 2003. (more...)
AbiWord GUADEC 3 Paper - 7 April 2002
Dom Lachowicz and Hubert Figuière have given a talk at GUADEC 3, in Seville, Spain, on Saturday April 7th 2002. (more...)
A Practical Approach to Cross-Platform Development - 4 February 2000
Paul Rohr makes presentation at LinuxExpo 2000 in New York. (more...)
An Open Letter to the Friends of Abi - 21 June 1999
Linux on the Desktop: Making it Happen - 21 May 1999
AbiSource founder and president Eric W. Sink makes presentation at LinuxExpo '99. (read...)
First Impressions of Red Hat 6.0 and GNOME - 5 May 1999
Eric Sink installs the latest from Red Hat. (read...)
Replacing ESR is the Wrong Goal - 29 March 1999
AbiSource Founder and President Eric W. Sink offers his response and comment to ESR's possible retirement.
Open Source on the Desktop: AbiSource's Eric W. Sink - 24 August 1998
By Dale Dougherty, published in the booklet distributed to attendees of O'Reilly's Open Source Developer Day. (read...)