AbiWord v3.0.1 Changelog


  • Bump win version number to 3.0.0 (Marc Maurer)
  • Bug 13564 - Fix crash in abw to HTML conversion. Uplifted from master (Hubert Figuière)
  • Bug 13565 - Missing cdump.pl in the tarball. Uplifted from master (Hubert Figuière)
  • Fix 13572: libabiword_init annotation is wrong (Daniel Narvaez ). (Hubert Figuière)
  • Fix 13548: Need method to hide/show rulers in the python bindings (Gonzalo Odiard ) (Hubert Figuière)
  • Fix comments that mention "AiksaurusABI_invoke" when a different name is involved. Bad cut and paste. No code change. (UPLIFT from trunk) (Hubert Figuière)
  • Bug 13586 - We don't have a frame when printing. UPLIFTED from trunk (Hubert Figuière)
  • Bug 13593 - Fix build issue with bison 3.0 Author: Dimitri John Ledkov (Hubert Figuière)
  • Bug 13582 - Fix redraw region in custom widget. and reworked for 3.0.x (Hubert Figuière)
  • Bug 13585 - fix abi_widget_get_content annotation. from Danel Narvaez. (Hubert Figuière)
  • Bug 13596 - Fix extending selection with Ctrl+Shift+arrow key. (Jean Bréfort)
  • Evolution needs to be 3.6 now trunk@33921 (Hubert Figuière)
  • Bug 11283 - Don't print slection background in tab runs [#11283]. (jbrefort) with indent fixes (Hubert Figuière)
  • Bug 13549 - Add a Gtk3 backend for Aiksaurus. Still needs to fix warnings, but seems things work. (Jean Bréfort)
  • Bug 13605 - Use GsfInputHTTP for URLs starting with "http://" or "https://". Helps with #13605 (also needs a fix in libgsf). (Jean Bréfort)
  • Fix linkage for libjpeg. (Hubert Figuière)
  • Bug 13605 - Fix UT_go_url_resolve_relative(). Backport form trunk@33872. By jbrefort (Hubert Figuière)
  • Fix an automake warning (Hubert Figuière)
  • Added .docx as a default plugin. (Hubert Figuière)
  • Fix crash when loading a file from abicommand. From jbrefort. (Hubert Figuière)
  • Fix all warnings of builtin aiksaurus-gtk3 library and don't use it whaen available from aiksaurus itself. From jbrefort. (Hubert Figuière)
  • Bug 13621 - Fix crash when editing an hyperlink with either NULL title or target. (Jean Bréfort)
  • Bug 13622 - Fix crash when dragging or resizing floating images (Jean Bréfort)
  • Bug 13624 - Fixed applying a format change to only a table column when using the format table dialog (Jean Bréfort)
  • Make formatting tools work correctly when applied to a table column. (Jean Bréfort)
  • Bug 11447 - Check --enable-plugins value. Extracted from trunk@34163. By jbrefort. (Hubert Figuière)
  • Fixed configure when aiksaurus is not enabled. (Jean Bréfort)
  • Bug 13638 - Don't crash when validating a color change in the background dialog, see #13638, comment #3. (Jean Bréfort)
  • Bug 13835 - Do not remember click type when scrolling (#13635). (Jean Bréfort)
  • Bug 13629 - Avoid crashes when loading a file with multiple text frames. (Jean Bréfort)
  • Bug 13649 - Fix crash on empty hyperlinks in RTF files. (Jean Bréfort)
  • Fix crasher in font dialog. (Jean Bréfort)
  • Fix a logic error: this is a sparse vector. (Hubert Figuière)
  • Bug 13682 - Fix theming support for ruler. (Hubert Figuière)
  • Bug 13683 - Replace GtkTable by GtkGrid to have the dialog properly sized. By jbrefort. (Hubert Figuière)
  • Fix the dtyle modify dialog. (Jean Bréfort)
  • Gtk Graphics: fix a PangoFontDesc memory leak introduced in ABI-3-0-0-STABLE@34954 (Hubert Figuière)
  • Bug 12577 - new scalable icons and sizes. Also set an icon list for the window (to scale) (Hubert Figuière)
  • Gtk Background Dialog: properly get the color on close with the new color chooser widget. (Hubert Figuière)
  • Bug 12577 - Missing Makefile creation (Hubert Figuière)
  • Gtk Dialogs Background and options: fix the color chooser. (Hubert Figuière)
  • Gtk option dialog: fix the color selector for gtk3: We instantiate it manually instead of doing it in the UI file. This diverge from trunk. (Hubert Figuière)
  • Gtk frame: shorter list of icon to make Gtk2 quiet. (Hubert Figuière)
  • Bug 13689 - Fix initial focus. (Jean Bréfort)
  • Release script is for 3.0.1 (Hubert Figuière)
  • Better working release script. (Hubert Figuière)
  • Safer release script. (Hubert Figuière)
  • Better check for SVN checkout (Hubert Figuière)
  • Add icons to dist subdirs. (Hubert Figuière)
  • Disable gir on distcheck (Hubert Figuière)



  • Missing include. (reported over IRC) (Hubert Figuière)
  • Bug 13602 - Add missing boost header (Hubert Figuière)
  • Bug 13657 - Remove gcrypt from tls_tunnel. (Hubert Figuière)
  • Update for compatibility with recent GtkBuilder. (Jean Bréfort)



  • Bug 13570 - Fix crasher in OpenDocument import. (jbrefort) with indent fixes. (Hubert Figuière)
  • Bug 13539 - Correctly escape links in odt exporter. (Jean Bréfort)
  • Don't crash when exporting to .odt without a frame. Cherry-pick fron trunk@34041. From jbrefort. (Hubert Figuière)
  • Bug 13661 - We must ignore OpenDoc soft page breaks, they are not manual page breaks. (Jean Bréfort)


  • Bump version 3.0.1 (Hubert Figuière)