AbiWord v3.0.5 Changelog

  • Remove unneeded caret force draw (Hubert Figuière)
  • Use shared_ptr for fl_PartOfBlock to avoid use-after-free crash.
    Cherry-pick (two patches) from master (Hubert Figuiere)
  • Fix crash when IM is called before the document is ready (Hubert Figuière)
  • Bug 13882 - Part 1: Enforce format overflow warning (Hubert Figuiere)
  • Fix crash with cut and paste
    The exporter expects an file URI not a path
    See MR 7 (Hubert Figuière)
  • Bug 13882 - Part 2: Ensure the clipping rect is owned by GR_Graphics (Hubert Figuiere)
  • msword: Fix a potential buffer overrun in footnotes and endnotes (Hubert Figuière)
  • Issue #3 - Define ASIO_ENABLE_BOOST when building collab plugin MR 3 (Julian Sikorski)
  • gtk+TableWidget: fix display of the TableWidget
  • Issue 13918 - Fix an incorrect check for null (Hubert Figuière)